Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brandstack portfolio

Here are some of the other logos on my brandstack portfolio



In the midst of the holidays, I have uploaded several new logos to
Here are the two "approved" logos which I have for sale. The others (which I will post shortly) are not for sale (as of yet) in my portfolio.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cigar Snob Sep/Oct 09 Illustrations

In the Sep/Oct 09 issue of Cigar Snob I illustrated three coaches known for their cigar are the illustrations and the final articles

Please stay tuned for next issue's illustrations...

Brewdog Hockey Jerseys

Brewdog became so much more than a beer, and eventually a hockey team was formed, this is the proposal for their crest and jerseys:


Another side project of mine, Ancestor, and the latest artwork I created for the EP "Mindseeker"

Finally got the songs up on myspace but still haven't been able to get past some image uploading glitch :/

2010 ZANheadgear line Part IV: Cotton Balaclavas

A new product from ZANheadgear the cotton balaclava with silk screened designs:

2010 ZANheadgear line Part III: Flydanna

The "flydanna" is another unique product of ZANheadgear - it is a popular fashion for Harley Davidson riders:

2010 ZANheadgear line Part II: Neoprene Face Masks

Designs for the full face masks:

Here are the designs for the half masks:

2010 ZANheadgear line Part I: Neodannas

The neodanna is a very unique product, it is a bandanna (already folded) with a velcro attachment for securing to the face, and a neoprene face mask sewn into the bandanna.

Here are the new designs I created for 2010: