Friday, January 8, 2010


Didn't want to lose my bookmarks from work, and figure they are worth sharing too

I want your skull - I originally found this site hunting down great skull artwork to inspire me for my job in the motorcycle industry, which is arguably as skull-centric when it comes to graphics as pirates

40+ Sources To Download High-Quality Royalty Free Stock Images | instantShift - Speaks for itself

Bittbox Freebies - lots of good textures

IS050 Blog of Scott Hansen - great designer and musician with an inspirational blog

Logo Pond - Good inspiration for identity

Brand New - I love this blog, it's all about companies and their rebranding strategies

Media Militia - vector and brush freebies, good stuff

Mayang's Texture Library - a classic, can't go wrong, always has what you're looking for

Smashing Magazine - my favorite design blog

Abduzeedo - daily inspiration

Signal Noise - awesome work of James White

I will be posting the last couple of projects I got done at Balboa shortly.

- M

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nic Cage as Everyone

I have recently joined the ranks of the many skilled professional/amateur photoshopsmen on one of the premier photo manipulation blogs in the world: Nic Cage as Everyone

You can see my Nic Cage as Prince and Nic Cage as Batman Forever on the site now.