Thursday, June 17, 2010

Normal Heights Night Walkers

Here is a late entry for Reject League that I sent in to Casey at Plan B - The Normal Heights Night Walkers (alluding to the women of the night that walk along El Cajon Blvd)

"N" with fishnets

Team logotype embellished with heels

Cap design with color scheme based on the Cleveland Indians

Night Walker character - based on a character I have been drawing for years

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jordan Belfort identity

For the past month Alejandro and I have been working on an identity/product (containing multiple dvds, cds, manuals, and cards all in one big box) - below is only a sample of the identity process (which there are at least 15 other logo variations), but these are the best of the bunch:

The original direction was to base the logo on the Porsche logo

Next was the initials with "pearl white"

Then the idea was to give the logo a Rolls Royce look...

Followed by a GM (although not on purpose) look

Then combining the Rolls Royce letters with the Porsche shape...

Then ultimately the client decided to go with the Rolls Royce typeface and the GM box.

I will be posting the more of the Jordan Belfort product as soon as the final product is complete.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Proposed Freight Baggage rebranding

Taking the queue from Plan B (who got all their Major/Minor League work by sending their logo ideas to teams before asked) I decided to redesign San Francisco messenger bag co. Freight Baggage's logo.

Just sent the e-mail off - hopefully they like it. Also hoping they would be into a web redesign as well. The idea is to get the clientele and work for the companies' you like/want to work for by approaching them first.

We'll see how it works...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Union Bank/Meads Durket

Almost done with the 2009 Advertising Style Guide for Union Bank (not sure why we're doing 2009) at Meads Durket - still have to wrap up 2010 style guide as well. Little taste below...

Big weekend coming up - moving/painting