Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

On the baseball kick again; this time around the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

I can't help but notice that the team has totally lost whatever identity they were going for in the first place. Originally they went the typical expansion team route with a garish color scheme and futuristic san serif logotype.

It really isn't a bad logo it just doesn't look like a baseball logo (especially that type).
After kicking the gradient purple/green identity around for a few years they came up with their latest effort - the recurring navy and white look:

So I thought, why not have a color scheme that reflects the teams name (and has the ray incorporated back into the logo). By this I mean black, like the color of an actual devil ray. Sure you can say, "the tigers aren't yellow, the cardinals don't always wear red, and the blue jays wear black," but I can't help but feel that too many teams are leaning towards blue identities.

My idea is to keep the main color black with accents of red. A color scheme that doesn't really exist in the American League:

Below is my interpretation of what I would like to see: Retro script, solid colors, and little embellishment.

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