Monday, January 23, 2012

Clarisonic PR Day Event NYC

Here are some shots from the Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Collection PR event last week:


Guests leave the reception and proceeded to the "Fact or Fiction" wall, where Co-Founder of Clarionic Dr. Robb dispelled rumors about Acne. During his speech guests were given paddles with "Fact" and "Fiction" printed on either side - when prompted with the subject (chocolate, adolescence, etc.) guests showed whether they thought the statement was fact or fiction. Afterwards Dr. Robb would put a large "fact" or "fiction" sticker on the image.

Around the corner was the "Blemish Breakdown: An Acne Timeline" where Dr. Robb would lead guests through the various treatments of acne throughout history.

After the timeline wall is the "What People Are Saying" wall with quotes from across the country praising the new collection.

Finally, the tour ends at a presentation where speakers performed demos and informed guests of the benefits of the new product.

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