Saturday, October 15, 2011

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers - amazing team with a rich history - forget about the Super Bowl blowout against the Chargers :(

In 1996 the 49ers changed their helmet decal to what you see here:

They added a tapered gold ellipse around the red oval and a solid drop shadow the the "SF." One thing that always bothered me about the logo is that the "S" is above the "F" and not interlocked. Why wouldn't it be? Is there anything gained by the gold stroke around the red oval? Seems superfluous. I can't help but reiterate that the old logos are what sells. Everyone is buying old merch, not new.

My logo proposes the interlocking of the "S" and the "F" and the removal of that gold stroke. As well as a return to the bright red instead of the maroon that the team has adopted lately.

Here is a look at the current logotype:

Below is my attempt at something new:

The old time, wild west type had to go, no question. So the logical solution would be a serif type - which they used in the updated logo, but I am proposing a cleaner look. Here I've used Baskerville Italic. The type is relevant to the period (1849) but not so dated that the type doesn't apply to contemporary design sensibilities. I also put more emphasis on the time period by making the type "gold" instead of red.

Black and white application:

I've also created a secondary icon of the 49er himself:

Here is a look at the helmet and uniform:

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