Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tennessee Titans

I'm not saying the current Titans identity is terrible, I just think it could be better. The flames and the "T" sword are great attempts, but too juvenile for the NFL. For being a team that was acquired from the Houston Oilers, one of the best logos of the 90s and still has a presence in the NFL merchandising market, it feels appropriate that a similar iconography should follow through to the new team.

The current identity is like most expansion teams, too modern. I understand the attempt to hang onto the Oilers blue but the rest is hopelessly arbitrary. Tennessee (Nashville in particular) is a state know for it's contributions to the word of music. "Country stars" or "6-string slingers" are out of the question as far as team names, but are Titans a true representation of the state?

The Tennessee state flag (which the current logo has appropriated the three stars from) is very graphic and memorable. Why complicate it with odes to Greek mythology a la "Jason and the Argonauts?"

Here is my version of the icon for the Titans - a direct pickup of the 3 stars from the flag with some embellishments to modernize the icon.

Kept the white helmet and blue face mask - but changed the stripes on the helmet from blue to red. I wanted to keep the icon from the flag, but not go completely literal but having a red helmet with the blue circle and 3 stars.

Below are the logotype and uniform:

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